In the lead up to his forthcoming album ‘Wetlands’ due for release next year, Dublin-based electronic / pop composer / singer-songwriter Christian Cohle provides a stunning display of alternative/lo-fi electronic influence with his new single ‘Another Life’ which fans of Kanye West and Bon Iver will absolutely adore.

‘Another Life’ begins in an isolated manner whereby the warped vocals take centre stage and command your attention with their raw and vulnerable manner that is as gripping as they come. Cohle builds the intensity throughout the duration of the release with subtle insertions of emphatic bass, brittle drums and rejuvenating synths that raise the power and fragility of the piece to incredible heights and leave you in absolute awe. 

“Another Life to me is about love and time. While making the track itself I had this idea of creating an acapella but pitching, bending and making my voice sound so gnarly and disconnected until it became something else. It allowed me to connect with the song in a really profound way, by getting out of my own way with it. I was also listening to Yves Tumor’s, Safe In The Hands of Love at the time, which I think had a part to play too in inspiring the energy of Another Life.” – Christian Cohle

out now via: Christian Cohle
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