NYC artist BAILE is coming back to us this week with a beautifully atmospheric single titled ‘Storm’ which features the vocal work of German artist ALSO ASTIR (who’s voice kinda reminds me of RY X), and as it turns out this release is actually a reinterpretation of ASTIR’s single of the same name which we’ve also put below for you to check out! 

“Earlier this year, Cologne-based singer/songwriter Haris Ajrulahi (ASTIR/ALSO ASTIR) tapped me to help produce his original track ‘Storm’. Afterwards, I decided to rework the original into a moody, subtle dance track that pairs analogue pads with Ajrulahi’s delicate vocals. The synthesizers in the song ebb and flow with the vocals; sometimes washing over them and at other times letting them sit firmly atop the mix.” ~ BAILE

out now via: House of Youth
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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