Boorloo / Perth-based rapper-producer Arno Faraji announces his debut mixtape ‘RETURN TO RAJI’ out this November 18 via The Orchard in impeccable style with the release of another smashing new single ‘Black Sunday’, a raw and intimate reflection of the sacrifices made by Faraji and his family, all to a nostalgic and inviting soundscape that evokes plenty of passion throughout.

‘Black Sunday’ centres itself on the horns and pianos leading the charge, all playing off the crunchy percussion on offer that delivers that sentimental influence in the soundscape that further heightens the emotive and personal messaging within the lyrical content of the track. With Faraji’s restrained vocals melding into the instrumentation easily, ‘Black Sunday’ creates a profound soundscape that leaves you locked in for the whole ride and never wanting to get off.

“Black Sunday is a track that had me reflecting and thinking about identity, specifically how I came to be. Within that reflection, I also thought about ‘placement’, I thought about growing up out here in Australia with my native cultural context, getting into music and art as more than a hobby and feeling the pressures of how that’s looked at in some POC migrant families.” – Arno Faraji

out now via: Arno Faraji
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