With news of his second album ‘Anomaly’ dropping on Friday September 16, What So Not continues to give us glimpses of what’s in store with his brand new single ‘As One’, a euphoric electronic release filled with soaring synths and angelic vocals from Herizen that you know is built for the live/festival stage.

Leading in with Herizen‘s captivating vocals setting the tone of the track, ‘As One’ subtly builds in the initial stages with the rising claps acting as the first trigger for intensification before the synths come to the party. Once we arrive at the buoyant chorus, we are met with plenty of groove and force mainly evident in the synths piercing through the mix with sheer power. Adding further layers of depth with those haunting vocal samples bouncing around the mix, What So Not perfectly strikes the balance throughout the release by pulling things back and forth with his production to provide that momentary period of reprieve right before the chorus slaps back in for one last dance bracket.

For some time, this song was just an iPhone recording of the two of us riffing in the house one day. Me on an OP1 synth & Herizen humming melodies. I later showed the recording to DUSKUS and we quickly fleshed out a tune pretty close to what you hear today. The wonky saw synths on the drop really encapsulate the emotion of this record for me. So euphoric but most of all fun.” – What So Not

out now via: Sweat It Out
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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