Just a few weeks ago NYC artist Sasha Rome released his debut ep “Criminal” which is a solid five-track collection of his impeccable indie-dance sound & style, and I cannot get enough of it. 

As he reveals below the ep was written during the global lockdown throughout 20/21 and he didn’t actually set out to create an ep when he got back into writing, but after a while the cohesiveness of the songs just made an ep release feel like the right way to go. 

“The Criminal EP started during the tough winter of 2020 during the pandemic. I hadn’t produced for a couple months before that which was the longest stretch I’ve gone without producing since I started in 2017. The songs were a way to keep sane and were very introspective but had a cohesive feel to them that made me realize they could form my debut project.

As 2021 rolled around and things started opening up the EP took on a new meaning and the songs became a celebration of the reopening of the world. A celebration of friends, parties, dancing, life and everything we missed during the pandemic.” ~ Sasha Rome

out now via: Jadū Dala
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 

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