London-based producer Sam Day teams up with She Is Jules to take us on a dreamy and uplifting journey to depict a romantic tale in their collaborative effort titled ‘Inconvenient’, a quirky combination of electronic/pop and garage influence that provides a gentleness with an edge of groove throughout.

‘Inconvenient’ enters in a lo-fi manner with the glowing pads setting a vastness in tact for the mix, which is then heightened through the implementation of She Is Jules‘ mesmerising vocals that lure you in immediately with their gentle and inviting manner. Sam Day showcases all of the skills in his mastery with the perfect manipulation of the soundscape whereby the groove is tactically pulled in and out to provide further emphasis and drive in the key moments of the narrative.

“An inconvenience is usually thought about in a negative connotation. But sometimes the most beautiful things are inconvenient if they’re for someone you love” – She Is Jules

out now via: bitbird
Sam Day: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | SoundCloud
She Is Jules: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | SoundCloud

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