Fresh off the release of their single ‘Addicted’ last month, Pauline Herr and TWERL continue to take us on a profound and indulgent sonic journey filled with passion and emotion with the release of their ‘Distance’ EP, a three-track offering that further dives into their long-distance relationship.

The ‘Distance’ EP unearths two new gems for us to bask in, with ‘Wherever You Go’ setting the tone with a blistering synth presence on offer that blares through your speakers with a mammoth impact all while providing a romantic message in the manipulated vocals on offer. This notion and energy continues to make its presence felt in ‘Stay With Me’, a track that pleads with their significant other to stay together and fight for their relationship that sees plenty of enforcing instrumentation such as the soaring synths and hard-hitting beats providing plenty of power and pure emotion throughout the soundscape.

“Wherever You Go”, came about shortly before TWERL was heading back to Australia. I went into the vocal booth at the studio, wrote lyrics and recorded a vocal and then showed it to him. We both got really emotional and knew we had something special to work with. After TWERL flew back to Australia we smashed out the rest of the track remotely.” – Pauline Herr

out now via: bitbird
Pauline Herr: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
TWERL: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | SoundCloud

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