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With a busy year already including an album release, nohidea has no plans of slowing down with his brand new single ‘STAY DOWN’ which features Sebastian Reynoso on the vocal front for an ambient/lo-fi collaboration between the two artists that lures you in with its glitchy nature.

‘STAY DOWN’ provides a sense of wonder and obscurity from the word go with its glitchy/lo-fi synths setting the tone in the introductory period, and is further honed in on when the off-kilter samples and percussion further heighten that notion all while Reynoso’s haunting melodies scatter across the mix.  

“Originally I wanted to make an ambient pop song, but after meeting Sebastian and flipping through loops I had made ad chord progressions for around and hour and some, nothing really stuck until I played the beat that Will and I made that same week, that would then become Stay Down.” – nohidea

out now via: nohidea
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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