Eora/Sydney producer, songwriter and DJ Ninajirachi has been a mainstay in the Australian electronic scene for many years now with ever-growing catalogue of hard-hitting electronic gems and with the new release of her double single ‘Petroleum’ and ‘Hidden Land’ the trend continues to be at an all time high with some blistering energy and force held within each brilliant track on offer.

Throughout both of these singles, we see an explosion of colour and energy that you are immediately lured into with its contagiousness. ‘Petroleum’ provides a brighter, colour palate with its buoyancy taking over courtesy of the eclectic synths soaring across the soundscape, whilst ‘Hidden Land’ contrasts this energy with a darker influence with blistering bass and penetrating beats that provide an emphatic backbone that is an tantalising as they come. With these various styles of blistering energy on display, Ninajirachi showcases a well-rounded approach to her productions with a profound level of depth within the mixes that leaves you in awe with the sonic mastery that you’re witnessing.

“In 2019 Laces was pitching beat ideas to an artist and he showed me a few when we were hanging out. I loved one of them called “Petroleum” and he let me try out an idea over it. It was meant for someone else, but I ended up stealing it and making this song. This was almost three years ago now and the song has been through many changes. It has been a labour of love and it’s both weird and nice that everyone can finally hear it.” – Ninajirachi 

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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