In the lead up to her sophomore EP ‘IVORY’ dropping in October, Mulay brings forth a stirring glimpse of what’s in store with the release of the closing track to the EP in ‘TWTC’, a raw and intimate offering dabbling in the realms of alternative/R&B whilst enchanting us with her mesmerising vocals throughout.

Luring us in immediately with those swirling melodies that hypnotise us, Mulay sets the gripping tone by isolating the mix to give her vocals the space they need to enchant us with every note all while the deepened backbone of the percussion and lush pianos add a welcomed contrast which fits the emotionally-fuelled narrative perfectly. This notion of isolation is further exemplified in the accompanying music video, whereby Mulay is met with a darkened backdrop with herself alone with the bright lights below her depicting the emotional context within the lyricism beautifully.

“It’s the showdown for my inner confrontation. It’s about calling yourself out and accepting responsibility; and by nailing down those feelings, by facing and naming them, you reclaim the power they have over you.” – Mulay

out now via: Groenland Records
artist connect: FacebookInstagram | Soundcloud

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