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UK born / Berlin-based artist Micayl continues to provide multi-genre bliss and calmness to the masses with the release of their brand new EP ‘The Finite Life of a Caterpillar’, a five-track collection of smoothened and relaxing soundscapes that allow you to drift into a calmer state of mind with its gentle approach.

Throughout the journey of ‘The Finite Life of a Caterpillar’, Micayl allows listeners to bask in the warm glow that is central to each composition on offer. This is achieved with a combination of those glowing keys, luscious guitar licks and charismatic drums that collectively produce an effortlessness that instantly gets your foot tapping along to the good times on offer. With the cherry on top being those utterly irresistible vocals adding a further layer of swagger to the already alluring mix on offer, Micayl ticks all the boxes in this polished release that will act as a major stepping stone in their ever-growing career.

“It’s a project about my own journey of self-discovery and self-reflection. With an array of many different influences arching from music over fashion to visual art, it is a depiction of my innermost and unapologetic self in the most honest, scary but freeing way. It is my path to important life lessons through often scarring terrain – a celebration of change, growths and metamorphosis.” ~ Micayl

out now via: LUSTRE
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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