Boorloo/Perth-based electronic artist MAVER returns for the first time this year with an uplifting electronic-pop gem titled ‘Close Enough’ that showcases his ever-growing production skillset with an extremely polished release filled with inspiring messaging that’ll strike a chord immediately.

With a minimalistic approach to the introductory section of the release, MAVER sets the tone with the jubilant synths bubbling away in the backdrop all while those captivating vocals swirl across the mix. ‘Close Enough’ subtly builds in intensity through the crystal clear harmonies and pads intertwining together with ease, all before the grooving chorus comes to the party with an infectious groove in the percussion that is further accentuated by the playful melodies and soaring synths providing that extra dose of energy throughout.

‘Close Enough’ is about how a person can be your emotional support system, and whenever you are with them, they make you feel unstoppable, able to achieve anything and ‘fly higher’. It is also about falling in love, feeling inspired by this person and being infatuated with how they make you feel. They’ll be there for you in your journey and help give you the last push you need to achieve your goals.” – MAVER

out now via: MAVER
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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