London-based producer Matt Ryder combines forces with none other than platinum selling artist Birdy for an emotionally-baring collaboration titled ‘Riverbed’ that takes you on an enthralling journey that is as raw and intimate as electronic productions come.

The rawness of ‘Riverbed’ is displayed immediately in the early stages of the piece, whereby Birdy and Ryder lead us in with the haunting vocals to set the emotional context in tact right before the brooding percussion makes its presence felt in the verses. As the electronic influence subtly rises from the surface, Ryder brilliantly finds a way to maintain the suspense and theatrics of the release by pulling the intensity all the way back in a masterstroke of a pre-chorus that reinstates the divine nature of the pianos right before bringing things right back with a thumping chorus full of drive and passion.

“This song means so much to me – it really finally talks about so many different things that have happened in my life recently. Me and Birdy had an amazing time writing this song and I think it really shows. It’s a reflection on my recent life and was probably the most challenging to write and to produce – simply down to how much we put into the song.” – Matt Ryder

out now via: Melo
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One thought on “Matt Ryder – Riverbed (feat. Birdy)

  1. Giorgio says:

    💙 🦄I think I t s a great piece the video is also very well put together.. the lyrics do catch the electro parto of it I think and it s subtly in some ways very profound and melodious. Great piece of work.

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