Today Hot Chip are giving us their eighth album “Freakout/Release” which is an 11-track collection of funky, disco-inspired, electro-pop treats that long-term fans are really going to enjoy. 

As the guys reveal below this album was written just as the global lockdown period was coming to a close, and when they were able to get to together again it was like opening the flood-gates and the ideas just came pouring out.  

“By the time we were able to be back together, we were turning on a tap and having a lot of ideas being poured out quite quickly. Everything’s on all the time, and it’s very easy to capture what we’re doing. We were living through a period where it was very easy to feel like people were losing control of their lives in different ways, and there’s a darkness that runs through a lot of those tracks.” ~ Hot Chip

Will this album stand the test of time like some of their previous accomplishments – “The Warning”, “One Life Stand” or “In Our Heads” – only time will tell…

out now via: Domino Recording Co
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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