With a string of successful and jubilant releases already under his belt this year, Frison (aka Jake Jeong) has made his presence felt on the electronic scene with his uplifting and vibrant stylings and now returns with his EP ‘Daydream’, a five-track release that fans of Wave Racer will get right around with its addictive energy on display.

Including previous releases ‘Faces’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Do It Again’, ‘Daydream’ picks up where its predecessors left off and continues to instil that essence of joy and positivity with incredibly bright instrumentation on display such as those razor-sharp synths and grooving bass lines. With those enlightening vocals scattered across the top of the mixes, Frison ensures a light-heartened approach is maintained throughout so listeners can sit back and enjoy the goodness on offer.

“‘Daydream’ is a body of music that I created for myself. It showcases my absolute love for electronic music and other styles too – though the main inspiration for this EP came from something other than my taste in music. I had some doubts calling myself an ‘artist’ before – I knew I had the capability and the taste, but didn’t have the work to show for it. Everyone around me knew I was doing music, but I hadn’t released anything for several years. In a nutshell – I felt out of reach from my fullest potential. This EP was the result of putting my head down and trying to change that over the years. Fast forward to now, I’ve never felt so satisfied finishing something and putting it out to the world. I’m super proud of how it turned out and hope you like it as much as I do.” – Frison

out now via: Frison
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