Denver-based producer chillhum continues to deliver gentle ear worms for us all to enjoy with his brand new single ‘Calypso’, a warm and playful release that soothes us immediately upon our first encounter with those breezy melodies swooning away throughout.

Coming through with a multi-genre approach, ‘Calyspo’ brings through the catchiness of pop and the groove of the electronic realm that when combined together creates quite an appealing soundscape for us all to enjoy. With the crisp beats providing plenty of character and swagger to the mix, chillhum further accentuates this confidence with the fresh acoustic guitars that intertwine with those laid-back vocals that float majestically across the mix. 

“Lyrically, Calypso is inspired by elements of Greek mythology and looks at the duality of beauty and loneliness – it’s mostly a play on the legend of Calypso, hence the title, but hints at some aspects of other classic myths as well. In today’s world people who have remarkable physical beauty are often troubled with a unique type of loneliness as a result, much like in the original myth of Calypso. This song discusses that concept in depth while keeping the overall tone of the melodies and instrumental light and palatable.” – chillhum

out now via: Chillhum
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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