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Long-time collaborators Baribal & Ciucixx have been making us move and groove for many years, and with the recent release of their collaborative album ‘Sploty’ they have brought forth the first track in ‘Bezwładnie’, an underground-styled mover with plenty of groove and addictive instrumentation that is the perfect accompaniment to any night out.

With a driving four to the floor styled beat setting the infectious energy in tact, ‘Bezwładnie’ lures you in immediately with the murky synths and hypnotic styled vocals that work in tandem with the audio to lock your attention in immediately. With subtle shifts in intensity as we progress through, Baribal & Ciucixx maintain a steady pace throughout the duration of the release that keeps you engaged whilst being able to melt right into the good times on offer.

“As we connected with Ciucixx I started to show her some of my unfinished projects and it came out that she really felt this one and started to sing her lyrics over it. It just matched perfectly. One verse and a hook repeated two times but with other flow were fitting amazing here and created a nice trance feeling while listening. Then I started to work on the beat a little more. Decided to change the vibe a bit to still lo-fi but more deep and electronic by adding some new elements every 4 bars and let the energy of the beat grow up along with Weronika’s soft voice.” – Baribal

out now via: AMAB
artist connect: Instagram | Soundcloud

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