Tasmanian electronic duo Sumner continue their surge forward as one of Australia’s most exciting artists with the release of the electronic bliss that is ‘Good Light’, a nostalgic taste of synth-driven power filled with force and strength depicting the need to support each other and find light in times of dark.

‘Good Light’ lures you in immediately with swirling synths sending you into a hypnotic state of mind, all while the commanding vocals stand tall in the centre of the mix in cohesion with the powerful percussion setting the grooving tone in the backdrop. With those catchy melodies cementing their place in your brain with their anthemic nature, Sumner capture all of your senses via their depth-defying production on offer that creates a thick wall of sound with plenty of power throughout.

“After living through the pandemic and numerous man-made and natural disasters, there is an abundance of pent-up energy ready for release into the world. ‘Good Light’ is a space and moment to let all of that flow.” – Chloe Wilson, Sumner

out now via: Lab78
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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