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Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Shoffy returns for the first time this year with an indie/pop gem in the form of new single ‘Nightmares In NYC’, a laid-back crooner of a track that combines crisp beats and luscious guitar licks to deliver a scrumptious soundscape.

Immediately from the beginning of the release, ‘Nightmares In NYC’ sets itself up to be a cruisy journey with those enchanting pianos setting up a formidable partnership alongside the guitars and hip-hop influenced drums that together evoke a summer-styled landscape for us all to unwind within. The final dreamy layer of this soothing track are those calming melodies that sit perfectly within the mix and add a touch of charisma to the already confident instrumentation on offer. 

“Very excited to be sharing the first single of my new project. I wrote and produced “Nightmares In NYC”, and it came together quite naturally – started with a piano sample that I then wrote and added additional piano chords. I then played guitar in the verses, which have a sweet sort of longing tone as they rise and fall. The lyrics and melody just came to me together – the idea of a long distance relationship, feeling isolated in a big city, and growing apart. Releasing a music video which will really explore these themes visually, and I can’t wait to share that as well.” – Shoffy

out now via: Otherground Records
artist connect: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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