My Playlist is a series where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite songs, and while it may give us a bit of insight into some of their influences, we’re actually more interested to know what they enjoy listening to when they’re not making music.

This week we’re checking in with Australian artist Vancouver Sleep Clinic who has given us a few very nice singles over the last couple of months as he’s been building anticipation for his upcoming album “Fallen Paradise”.

That album is being released this week (July 8th – presave here) and we thought this would be the perfect time to check in with VSC to see what sort of music inspires him to create.  

“This is a collection of songs that I’ve come back to time & time again over the last decade or so for a sense of peace and comfort. This music to me is a safe place for reflection & meditation and has been a deep well of inspiration for me over my career.” ~ Vancouver Sleep Clinic

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