Manila Killa has been continuously knocking out hit after hit with his eclectic range of electronic music reaching the masses at a global level with critical acclaim to follow, and now with the long-awaited release of his debut full-length album ‘Dusk’ we see the ultimate showpiece of his mastery of pristine production with a polished and well-rounded display of sonic bliss.

Featuring previous singles ‘Dark Places’, ‘Dusk’, ‘Desire’ and most recently ‘Heart To The Night’, Manila Killa delivers a very impressive collaborator list across the 12 tracks on offer which includes the likes of LIGHTS, Panama, Kwesi, TRACE, MADI, Night Tales, EVAN GIIA, Gioli & Assia and Fknsyd that deliver their own individual brilliance that ultimately elevates the captivating and emotive nature of the accompanying audio. Manila Killa keeps us on the hook throughout ‘Dusk’ with a mix of enforcing and enlightening synths that work in cohesion alongside the upbeat grooves and encompassing bass that sets up the perfect podium for the vocals to drive the emotive context in further and further.

“I spent a lot of time during quarantine reflecting on what I wanted out of creating a full length album. I reached a realisation that I wanted it to be a project that touched on all aspects of my inspirations and influences through dance music. The subjects and emotions I touched on consisted of heartbreak, yearning and resolve; all things I considered throughout the creative process. I took a dance-music driven approach to the production, reaching back to my roots and channeling the feelings I got when I first started listening to dance music. This album is something I’ve worked towards my entire life and I hope that people can resonate with the ideas and energy I’ve put into it.” – Manila Killa

US fans can check out Manila Killa on his upcoming ‘Dusk’ tour kicking off in September – click here for tickets and more information.

out now via: Moving Castle
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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