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Back in April Hot Chip announced that they would be giving us a new album in August titled “Freakout/Release” which also came with its first offering ‘Down’, and this week they’re giving another taste of what we can expect with the sonically bright & sunny sounds of ‘Eleanor’.

While this track does have quite an uplifting presence, the lyrics and its story actually set a much moodier vibe…

“It’s about the world smashing into you, waves crashing into you, all-encompassing pain, and how you have to walk through it. The verses are about separation when families are divided against their will. It’s about strong friends. It’s also about Samuel Beckett giving Andre the Giant lifts to school, and about how Beckett must have learned a lot from Andre’s wisdom.” ~ Hot Chip

If you missed their previous single ‘Down’ you can check that out below, and they’ve also just announce a bunch of live UK/EURO date which you can find more info on right here

out now via: Domino Recording Co
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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