Hans Glader delivers that thick and juicy UK garage sound to the masses with his silky-smooth new single ‘Lost’, a moving and grooving release filled with sharp beats and rejuvenating sounds that are elevated that extra bit courtesy of those luscious vocals of Kaylan Arnold.

Throughout the sonic odyssey that is ‘Lost’, we see a well oiled machine in practice with the production at extremely high levels of output on offer. Glader ensures a crispness in his instrumentation, particularly in the rhythm section through those deepened beats and robust bass, that allows for the elevation of the synths to sparkle ever so bright. With Arnold’s R&B-styled vocals smoothly spreading themselves around the mix with their embracing touch, ‘Lost’ provides a sense of warmth and groove that is a perfect combination of sound overall.

“I’m beyond stoked to finally let this piece of music free. After over half a year of production and fine tuning different arrangements, and experimenting, I could not be more excited to announce that ‘Lost’ with my good homie and extremely talented Kaylan Arnold is out now.   
This has to be my favorite thing I’ve ever made. Period. Music, video, anything creative. I feel like this tune properly expresses itself unlike anything I’ve been a part of making in the past, and I genuinely cannot wait to share this.” – Hans Glader

out now via: Hans Glader
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