Australian artist FELIVAND will be giving us her debut album “Ties” on August 5th (presave here) and this week she is giving us another taste of what we can expect with the beautifully chilled and uplifting sounds of new single ‘Big Little’ (produced by Golden Vessel), which as she reveals below is a song about reassurance and support for someone she cares a lot about. 

“Someone I love was struggling with their mental health and I wrote this song to and for them. A reassurance to them that I will always stick around, until problems that feel huge one day feel small.” ~ FELIVAND

The theme of mental health is quite prominent throughout the whole album as FELIVAND explores questions on wellbeing, spirituality, relationships and her own place in the world, and she couldn’t be more proud of how it’s all turned out.  

“I have dreamt of recording an album ever since I can remember, so to see ‘Ties’ in its final form brings me a joy and satisfaction I can’t quite put into words. I have never felt more aligned with or proud of anything I have written before.” ~ FELIVAND

FELIVAND has also just announced she’l be taking “Ties” on the road throughout August/September with support from Monet’s Pond & Hannah Sands in Brisbane, Taj Ralph & Moonboy in Sydney and Your Girl Pho & Franko Gonzo in Melbourne – check the dates below then click here for ticketing info 

out now via: Sweat It Out
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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