After a string of impressive singles earlier in the year, Brisbane-based producer du0 continues to sparkle right in front of our eyes with his impressive new EP titled ‘LIFT’, a five-track atmospheric journey that fans of Petit Biscuit and Shallou will simply adore.

Throughout the journey of ‘LIFT’, each individual track on offer provides a differing sense of ambience and tranquility within itself that transports the listeners into a state of calmness immediately upon first encounter. With a strengthened backbone of deep beats carrying the backdrop, du0 contrasts his soundscapes effortlessly with bright synths and soaring vocals that ensure a weightlessness is present in the sonic bliss we are witnessing. 

“This is my first EP and after exploring a bunch of different electronic styles and tracks in the past, I was keen to put together a cohesive group of songs that would stand alone as its own body. As a whole I wanted the EP to sonically be an uplifting experience (hence the name LIFT) but wanted to continue to explore a range of themes lyrically from darkness to light to reflect the ups and downs of life.” – du0

out now via: TH3RD BRAIN
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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