UK-based producer Verdance continues to provide us with luscious and ambient soundscapes that take us into a better state of mind with the release of his long-awaited debut album ‘Islands’, an eight-track release filled with expansive soundscapes that are inspired through natural and worldly environments.

‘Islands’ centres itself around atmospheric and captivating instrumentation that delivers a heavenly presence across our speakers, mainly carried forth through those enthralling synths and the gentle touches of the harps that work brilliantly with the driving percussion. As these key elements combine together with absolute ease, Verdance achieves the perfect balance between uptempo and contemplation, ensuring just the right amount of groove amongst the calmness of the natural sound palate on offer.

“‘Islands’ is a project inspired by a book about a series of isolated islands across the world. It had a huge impact upon me, due to the nature of how remote and vulnerable a lot of the islands were. In terms of a response musically, I wanted a project that mirrored both the tempestuous storms and powerful waves that surround remote islands, as well as the fragility of the communities who managed to live in such difficult circumstances. Sonically, this is expressed with the use of big and bold synth lines and driving rhythms to encapsulate powerful oceans, whereas stripped back, stark-arrangements consisting of harps and glockenspiel reflect the loneliness of island life, or the calm before the storm.” – Verdance

out now via: Loci Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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