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The formidable duo of SATIN JACKETS and PANAMA continues to shine each and every time they collaborate, and in the case of their latest instalment titled ‘Move On’ the quality continues to rise to incredible heights with this blend of dreamy electronica sparkling ever so bright through your speakers.

Similar to their three previous efforts together, ‘Move On’ showcases the absolute best of both artists with plenty of room given between the two to highlight their polished best in its prime form. SATIN JACKETS builds the suspense and lays the dancing foundations through a buzzing and atmospheric soundscape filled with powerful synths and tight percussion that allows those haunting vocals of PANAMA to float freely at the top of the mix, and when the chorus hits both artists give us plenty of reason to get our groove on with a flawless dance production on display.

“When Tim sent me this really vibey instrumental it just tweaked something in my mind, and got me thinking about all the people ‘moving on’ with their lives post pandemic…I’m really happy with how Tim approached what I gave him, which was originally quite raw, and from that initial spark grow it into something that perfectly captures the vibe, both melancholic but with an ultimately uplifting feel.” – Panama

out now via: Eskimo Recordings
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