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Mobley returns for the first time this year with an exhilarating new single titled ‘themesong’, a track filled with a buzzing sensation held in the core of the composition alongside powerful instrumentation that truly encapsulates the angst held in the messaging of the lyrics.  

Beginning in an alluring fashion of nostalgic synths bubbling away in the backdrop, ‘themesong’ sees Mobley command your attention immediately with those hypnotising melodies hooking you in, all while the instrumentation rises away to the forefront of your attention. With smoothened bass lines setting the tone right before take off, we see the distortion come to the party with screeching guitars and commanding percussion shifting things into overdrive.

“themesong is about someone who’s fed up with the way things are, as he becomes convinced that the corrupt systems shaping his world are irredeemable. In the video, we meet this man as that frustration drives him to take action to help the people around him. The masked Robin Hood figure of the video is the protagonist of a larger story I’ll be telling on my upcoming record.” – Mobley

out now via: Last Gang
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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