UK artist George Gretton is coming back to us this week with the invigorating sounds of new single ‘Morning’ which features some guest vocal work from US R&B/Rap artist theMIND, and it also comes with news of a whole new ep that he has planned for release in August titled “Ordinary Life”.

As George reveals below, ‘Morning’ is a song about taking some time out to be on your own and do your own thing, but you inevitably get super lazy and just don’t end up really doing anything at all…I’m sure we can all relate to that!

“Morning is about taking some time to be a bit of a recluse, but it just turns a depressing run of days where you don’t do anything or go anywhere. The days roll into each other, you do nothing, and it makes you feel even less motivated and more sorry for yourself. A bit of a vicious cycle.

It happens to me quite a lot – the less I hear from people and stay inside, the more cabin-fevery I get. I’m not very good at finding the balance, so it’s kind of a song about how predictable it all is.

I like making hip-hop beats in my spare time, so I was in a bit of a 90s boom-bap phase when I came up with the drums for this.

I wanted to get theMIND on a song for ages – he’s one of my favourite artists that I’ve come across over the last 5 years. I feel honoured that he was up for being involved. He’s usually really melodic, but when he came back with this rapped verse it was so perfect.

Morning is going to be the opening track on my new project, Ordinary Life, which is an EP all about my relationship with the mundane elements of my day-to-day.” – George Gretton

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