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Last Friday UK trio FOALS released their highly anticipated seventh album “Life Is Yours”, which is being dubbed by the guys as a “winter lockdown album”, but it feels very far from that analogy with its energy fuelled and quite uplifting dance-rock atmosphere. 

The album was preceded by five lead-singles; “Wake Me Up”, “2am”, “Looking High”, “2001” and “Crest of the Wave” which are nestled in amongst another six previously unheard gems, and it truly is a pleasurable listening experience that will have you going back for more. 

“Life Is Yours” was made through the winter, deep in lockdown. We worked quietly & privately in a bare white room off a deserted road, no seats or windows just our own vibe. We brought all the colour & optimism in that spare void of time. We wanted to make something unified & up, to enjoy some space, open a window In a windowless room. The record was a salve; a life-raft to see us through, a daily task, a hope to look for in the winter months. 

It’s everything to be able to finally share it with you, it only becomes real when it’s heard. Play it loud, dance, have a party, feel the ocean on the left, hear the trees on yr right: head north into the heart of the future. Foals forever.” – FOALS

out now via: FOALS
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