Canadian indie/RnB duo Flõstate leave us spellbound with their genre-bending best on display in the long awaited debut full-length album ‘Moments of Feeling’, an eight-track offering that centres itself around a downtempo groove through a smooth soundscape filled with mesmerising vocals and instrumentation to leave you in a daze.

‘Moments Of Feeling’ sees Flõstate intertwine elements of chilled electronic/R&B in a hazy combination that features robust synths striking through the mix and making their presence felt around the deepened beats on display. As these instruments leave a fog that is scattered across the soundscape, those enchanting vocals take things into a whole new world with their utterly irresistible melodies leaving us all gobsmacked and begging for more.

out now via: Lekker Collective
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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