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Aunty MNGO is a new project from South African born/Melbourne-based artist Samuel Stopforth. He’s excited to announce he’ll be giving us a whole new ep very soon and this week he is giving us a taste of what we can expect from that with a cruisy funked up treat called “LUV-B1C1: The Brightest Timeline (ELGNCE)”. 

“LUV-B1C1: The Brightest Timeline (ELGNCE)” is a very easy song to enjoy with its funky baseline, sparkling percussions and soothing melodies, but as Samuel reveals below, the song actually comes from a pretty dark place…

“Contrary to its sunny and euphoric vibe, this song was born out of a very dark place. I was experiencing peak anxiety from the culmination of Melbourne’s six lockdowns over 18 months. In hindsight, I feel that this song was very much an omen that would go on to signify me pushing out of that mental space and breaking free from the shackles of my depression that had held my heart and mind captive for far too long.

Just before Covid hit, I started what would become the longest relationship of my life so far. Due to the turbulent times that we were all living in, the relationship would bear a similar quality. Although I loved this person very much, it wasn’t enough. In my experience it never is…because no matter how much we love another person we can never in-turn accept their love if we do not first love ourselves and accept ourselves for exactly who we are in the present moment.” – Aunty MNGO

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out now via: Aunty MNGO 
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