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LA-based artist, producer, songwriter and creator Astrale continues to make his ever-growing presence felt in the scene with a hard-hitting new single via bitbird titled ‘Dream Bay’, an electronic-pop gem filled with commanding vocals and electrifying instrumentation dedicated to those of us who are classic over-thinkers.

‘Dream Bay’ showcases its core components immediately in the initial stages of the piece with a robust rhythmic section of synth bass and drums setting the deepened tone in tact all while Astrale’s powerful vocals bounce up and around the soundscape with their direct approach. These components choose to keep their intensity in tact throughout ‘Dream Bay’, choosing to compliment each other rather than take centre stage and in doing so allow for a more cohesive flow throughout.

“This release is definitely another transition point for Astrale. I often like to keep everything in a sort of storytelling sequence, so I thought this song would be a great intermission for what is to come next.” – Astrale

out now via: bitbird
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