Belgium producer Alex Lustig returns with a stunning glimpse of his forthcoming debut album “Fate” (due October 14th) with new single ‘Breathe’, a restrained but light electronic offering filled with captivation and wonder alongside those breathtaking vocals from Elohim.

‘Breathe’ carries a significant amount of space within the mix created, mainly evident through the reverb-soaked pianos that apply a near foggy sensation across the soundscape that elevates in cohesion with Elohim‘s delicate melodies. In this gentle approach, ‘Breathe’ utilises the raw emotion held in the lyricism and chooses to use this in building some form of intensity as opposed to raising the overall force of the track, and in doing so leaves a bigger impact on all those within its path by seriously tugging at your heart strings.

“Breathe” is a song about self love. When you feel out of touch with yourself, you don’t feel connected, it can feel like you are losing yourself. Your perception of your surrounding feel empty and you feel like you’re out of touch. I’ve went through this. It’s a journey to truly find yourself and love yourself for who you are. Im still getting to know myself but the journey is what is beautiful and inspires the song” – Alex Lustig 

out now via: Alex Lustig
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