Mark Ronson is stepping back into the limelight this week with a sexy disco inspired treat called ‘Too Much’ which features the very seductive vocal sounds of Lucky Daye, and it sure is hitting a few of my sweet-spots. 

Lucky Daye did just give us his latest album “Candydrip” back in March (which is really incredible by the way) however this is the first we’re hearing from Mark Ronson in almost two years so this is a very much welcomed return and I hope he has more of this coming our way soon as well. 

This song also comes as part of a new three-episode series called “Syncing Sounds” which retraces Mark Ronson’s creative process as he works with Lucky Daye on the composition and production of the song – you can read more on that here

“Everybody wants to be Mark Ronson, every producer. That’s just an honour for me, because to be able to be seen by people that I consider the top tier of what my passion is, is kind of surreal, and it’s like a one in a million chance. And the thing that tops it off, is that when I’m in the room with him, he doesn’t have to keep reminding me that he’s a legend, and I don’t even have to remind myself. I can literally vibe, and we vibe like it’s nothing, and every time we work, it’s just easy flowing.” – Lucky Daye

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