Acclaimed Australian electronic duo Hermitude have been providing us with some extremely luscious new music over the past few months that has seen critical acclaim from Australia and abroad, and now the duo go full circle on their brand of atmospheric electronica with their brand new album ‘Mirror Mountain’ that continues to provide those infectious grooves and textural soundscapes that are simply divine.

Featuring previous singles ‘Flush With Love’, ‘When You Feel Like This’ (ft. The Jungle Giants) and ‘Promises’ (ft. Andie) & ‘St Claire’, Hermitude deliver a vast array of colour across the rest of the track listing all while utilising a more stripped back instrumentation base of deepened beats, rich pianos and commanding synths that provide a contrast between electrifying and elegance throughout each sonic journey on offer.

We wanted to strip everything back and return to the essence of why we started Hermitude in the first placeWhich was just us two locked in a studio in the mountains having a bit of fun and seeing what came out.” – Hermitude

out now via: Elefant Traks
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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