Depicting a journey of letting go of internal pressures and letting life flow naturally, Vancouver Sleep Clinic returns to us with yet another majestic and calming offering titled ‘The Flow’, the latest glimpse from his forthcoming album ‘Fallen Paradise’ that continues to build on his trademark wall of sound harmonies and luscious instrumentation that we adore from the Brisbane artist.

‘The Flow’ allows itself to begin in a minimalistic state of the acoustic guitars partnering with Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s soothing melodies to set the tone throughout, all while the subtle insertion of the percussion provides that earthy colour to enter the vibrant palate on offer. As we arrive into the chorus, we are met with an explosion of sound that sees those stunning harmonies take control with their crystal clear production that shines ever so bright all over the mix.

“The Flow is a sonic and lyrical expression of giving up control, surrendering to the powers that be & riding out the ebbs & flows of this unpredictable, crazy life.” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

out now via: Believe
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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