The Presets Return to Club 77 with Smirnoff Origins cln – Over, All Again (LP) HUMP DAY MIX with Movada Dull Reality – ‘Pragmatica’ [Premiere] narou – ‘running in circles’ 1tbsp – Joan (EP)

Last month Tourist gave us a glorious new single called ‘Your Love‘ which also came with news of a whole new ten-track album titled “Inside Out” which is coming our way on May 20th, and this week he has another daydreamy cut to share with us.

This one is called ‘Avalanche’ and it is a beautifully cinematic five-minute opus that was written from the Isle of Skye in Scotland whilst looking out over the ocean, and it features an Ellie Goulding vocal-snippet that he just happened to have sitting on his laptop.

“I started writing Avalanche on the Isle of Skye whilst on a trip with my wife. Initially – it was a very glacial ambient piece, just synth arpeggios and pads. I was looking out over the sea whilst working on it, it was a deeply moving place to write music. I found an acapella of Ellie Goulding’s on my laptop and I heard this phrase which sounded like ‘Hold Me’, I loved how haunting that was. My instinct on previous albums might have been to leave it ethereal, but with this record – I wanted to push it to a more dance floor place. In the end it became quite a cinematic piece of UK Garage. Also, who doesn’t love an out of context dulcimer. I played it to Ellie and she loved it, thankfully.” – Tourist

out now via: Monday Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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