Perth producer Tina Says continues to bring intoxicating club anthems to the table with yet another absolute banger alongside singer-songwriter Jude York (aka one half of The Beamish Brothers) in ‘Barriers’, a thick and juicy dance-floor filler with powerful electronic instrumentation and stirring melodies that might just be one of the most commanding collaborations we see this year.

‘Barriers’ begins in an intriguing manner, luring all of the listeners in with a swift percussion groove that is accentuated further by the rising bass and hypnotising arpeggios that work in cohesion with York’s haunting melodies that lead brilliantly into the emphatic chorus. As we arrive, we are met with a shift in intensity through the emphatic synth bass that smacks you across the face with its power, all while not overbearing the mix and providing that extra little injection of deep house influence to the already grooving soundscape on offer.

“During a time of constant setbacks, plans happening and then not, uncertainty – my world was rocked. This experience made me go back over some old projects. I was resonating with emotive driven and expressive ideas, basically sounds that make you feel. I believe that different experiences and moods lead you to craving certain sounds as a producer, this time it leads me to wanting to finish ‘Barriers’. Once I did, I sent the track out to a few singers and when Jude York sent his back, his vocals and lyrics sent shivers down my spine and it gave me a buzz, that’s how I knew it was the perfect fit.”  – Tina Says

out now: Tinted Records
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