ODESZA can do no wrong in the lead up to their forthcoming album “The Last Goodbye” on July 22nd. With ridiculously impressive previous singles ‘Love Letter’, ‘The Last Goodbye’ (feat. Bettye LaVette) and ‘Better Now’ (feat. MARO) already leaving fans gobsmacked, ODESZA may have just raised the bar to their most emphatic levels yet with ‘Behind The Sun’, a ferocious offering with blistering instrumentation that sends your soul into overdrive.

Centred around the vocal sample from legendary Iranian singer Simin Ghanem, ‘Behind The Sun’ draws echoes to their anthemic number ‘Loyal’ in its composition and manipulation of the sample that rallies up listeners to feel hyped up. With a rising introductory section that showcases all of the key components of the track, such as the penetrating drums and bubbling synths that intertwine with Ghanem’s stirring sample. ODESZA subtly bring forth the power once we hit the drop, whereby the bass comes to the party alongside the captivating brass section that is as electrifying as they come.

“While digging through old records we came across a song by the legendary Iranian singer, Simin Ghanem. It was such a beautifully haunting vocal that we couldn’t really get it out of our heads. Slowly we started to build these symphonic elements around her and piece by piece it started to become this big anthemic track. We wanted to incorporate pieces of live drumming in a new way and ended up running various snare drum elements through a resonator and modulating them to each hit. Overall we really love how this song came together, bringing the past into the present is something we find really exciting and inspiring.” – ODESZA

out now via: Foreign Family Collective / Ninja Tune
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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