Sydney multi-instrumentalist Jerome Blazé continues to enchant us with his gentle and soothing soundscapes through his long-awaited debut album ‘Giver’, a ten-track offering intertwining the worlds of folk, electronic, classical and jazz genres which results in a jubilant colour palate that is sure to lift your spirits immensely.

Throughout the journey that is ‘Giver’, we continue to see Blazé delve further and further into his own vocals which are captivating and elevate the soundscapes further and further each time we are exposed to them. Blazé finds a way to utilise his melodies alongside the uplifting and elegant instrumentation of pianos and acoustic guitars to provide an atmospheric bliss that puts us listeners at ease with its inviting presence.

“Giver is a culmination of my influences up to this point. The opening track ‘Vinnies Bell’ was the first time I sang on a song and it really felt like a eureka moment. Before then, I’d been trying to fill the gap of where a vocal would sit with other instruments, so singing gave me room to simplify the production now that it had a clear focus. I think part of me always knew I had to sing, and the point where I finally woke up to that just happened to be at a stage where I was wanting to say something more direct and personal.” – Jerome Blazé

Sydney fans can catch Blazé at his debut headline show at The Vanguard on June 8th – click here for more information.

out now: Jeromé Blaze
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