We’ve featured a few tracks from Latin American duo GRLS over the last 12 months and have really been digging this unique psychedelic pop sound they’ve been delivering.

They’ve actually just released their debut album “GRLS I” (see link to album below) which features each of those recent songs – dystopia, fool for love, lesson 25, tundra – as well as this funky little laid-back treat called ‘lynch’ which was actually released back in 2020 via Kitsuné Musique and it’s still ticking all of my boxes.

“Lynch is a very danceable, catchy four-on-the-floor ong. We made this song in our Berklee dorm with our next-door neighbour Jackson Lundy. The song has an up-beat feel to it but it also feels a bit sentimental.” – GRLS

out now via: MOVIDA MÚSICA
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook| Soundcloud


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