If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment for your next party or just a pick me up to get you going, then we’ve got just what you need in the form of the latest album from Parisian producer Darius titled ‘Oasis’, a fourteen-track release throwing homage to the good ol’ days of disco and funk with a vibrant collection of sounds and grooves that you’ll simply devour upon your first encounter.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Benny Sings, Lo VillageKadhja BonetAmaria and more, ‘Oasis’ sees Darius deliver some of the smoothest grooves going around with a fresh array of instrumentation that generates a copious amount of colour throughout the luscious soundscapes on offer. Through those sublime bass lines, addictive drum patterns and uplifting keys/synths on offer, Darius provides listeners with moments of tranquility as well as dancing with a well rounded release that is enhanced significantly by the captivating melodies on offer throughout.

“Music is nowadays for humanity a place of escape, a pleasant moment of self abandonment. It is interesting to see that for some people it is almost a vital element, as important as water, sun, love. The term ‘OASIS’ sums up what music is all about. It allows us to cut ourselves off from everything else and sometimes gives us the strength we need in difficult times. My driving force [has always been to] create music and videos as moments of escape that accompany and help people’s daily lives. The circle of colours [in the art] illustrates all the musical atmospheres that could reflect each person’s mood.”

Darius has also just kicked off his “Oasis Tour” which has him playing various dates across North America, UK and France – see dates & locations below and then click here this Friday for your tickets


out now via: Roche Musique
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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