Last year NYC artist Zuli Jr. gave us quite an impressive ep called “Stop it God” which made it into my Top 10 Albums of 2021 list which I still listen to it on a regular basis.

Zuil Jr. is coming back to us this week with a brand-new single called ‘Whatever You Want’ which as he describes below is a song about his struggles with self perception, just letting go and being yourself. It also comes with a very fun self-directed music video which has Zuli Jr. getting in touch with his feminine side.

“Whatever You Want’ is my last stand struggling with self perception. Letting go of the narrative of who I think I am and being comfortable with the gray area of how I am perceived. The song is about pushing the narrative of wearing your heart on your sleeve even further. Rather, giving every aspect of your personality that makes you, you. Letting go of trying to be this or that and being everything that comes natural to you.” – Zuli Jr. 

out now via: Nurtured Ideas
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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