Over the last few months US producer warner case has given us a tidy collection of singles that we’ve had more than a few good grinds on.

He’s coming back to us this week with a five-track ep called “stargazing (like i always do)” which features those recent singles alongside two other previously unreleased tunes, ‘all i want is you’ and title-track ‘stargazing (like i always do)’, and I do feel another grinding session coming on.

“this EP details a tough transition in my life, and in anyone’s life: the ecstasy of falling in love again after a tough breakup, and questioning if it’s genuine or just a distraction. How can you ever know what’s real and what’s an emotional daydream?…are you repeating the same mistakes you’ve always made?…only one way to find out…go forward with all your heart.” – warner case

out now via: Headroom Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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