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Vancouver Sleep Clinic continues to leave us stunned and in absolute awe with his flawless falsetto tones and tranquil soundscapes with his first release of the year ‘Love You Like I Do’,  the first glimpse of the Brisbane artist’s third studio album ‘Fallen Paradise’ out Friday July 8 which will be released by Believe.

‘Love You Like I Do’ begins with plenty of openness through a haunting nature of Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s reverb-soaked vocals that float majestically across the top of the soundscape that is filled with wonder courtesy of the guitars swooning away in the backdrop. Slowly but surely, Vancouver Sleep Clinic builds the intensity of the piece with the implementation of the drums that crash through the verses and take full flight in the choruses with plenty of emphasis and power.

“This is the first time I’ve really reached full peace with myself as an artist. I think that just being in that whirlwind of seven, eight years has just been relentless. Naturally, for anyone going from that period of being a teenager to their mid-20s, it’s a crazy period of change. I never gave myself that time to be at peace with who I was or with what I wanted to be doing. I think that’s the biggest thing with this album, I had the time to just reflect on everything, who I’d become.” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

“I distinctly remember the first time I heard Tim’s vocals, it transported me to another place, another dimension. From that moment onwards I’ve tried to strike up a partnership, the planets have finally aligned with the making of this beautiful album. ‘Love You Like I Do’ is just a taste of what’s to come, I and the global Artist Services team can’t wait to launch forthcoming album ‘Fallen Paradise’.” Mick Tarbuk – Believe Country Manager for Australia & New Zealand

out now via: Believe
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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