“Confined Spaces’ is the debut ep from a newcomer out of Manchester who goes by the name Manta, and he’s delivered quite an impressive five-track collection of uplifting bedroom-pop music.

The ep’s overall uplifting atmosphere does come as a bit of a surprise when you read Manta’s insight below into some of the things he was dealing with at the time – I hope he sees this album as a silver-lining to those experiences, I sure am glad it exists!

“I think “Confined Spaces” sums up the EP perfectly because everything at the time just felt so ‘confined’. Mentally stuck in a head space, worried and overthinking everything, then physically being in a lockdown spending days on end alone unable to see family and friends. Each song on the EP means a lot to me and helped me through different emotions I was going through, so I feel like it’s a perfect project that sums up lockdown for me.” – Manta

out now via: LAB Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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