The Presets Return to Club 77 with Smirnoff Origins cln – Over, All Again (LP) HUMP DAY MIX with Movada Dull Reality – ‘Pragmatica’ [Premiere] narou – ‘running in circles’ 1tbsp – Joan (EP)

After setting the tone with ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Beach Boy’ just recently, New Zealand star BENEE continues to inspire with the impressive alt/pop stylings of her brand new EP “Lychee” which also comes with news of her headline world tour alongside feature performances at The Governors Ball and Bonnaroo this summer.

One of the key elements that keep fans coming back for more with BENEE is her ability to provide a carefree nature and groove in each and every release that immediately calms your spirit and takes you to a happier state of mind. This sentiment can be highlighted in the super juicy rhythm section with delicious bass riffs and crunchy drums that get you bopping on your first encounter with them, all while those luscious guitars and gentle melodies float above the mix in a breezy manner that are as angelic as they come. BENEE carefully balances the tightrope between organic and electronic instrumentation, throwing in various shades of colour to the already boastful mix that ensures that summer inspiration is maintained throughout the track listing.

“Being locked down in New Zealand felt like things were going to be like this forever and like I was wasting time. I was afraid that I’d run out of ideas or I would find it difficult to get through this writing trip. However going into rooms with new production collaborators like Greg Kurstin and Rostam, and reconnecting with Kenny, was really liberating and actually let the energy I had been lacking back into my songs. There is something crazy about landing in LA from New Zealand and throwing yourself into songwriting. The exact same thing happened for me two years ago when I arrived in LA and wrote ‘Supalonely’ on the first day. I love that this EP has the emotional breadth to channel much of the anxiety that I was feeling at home in songs like ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Hurt You Gus’ but then also switching to the new energy I found when writing ‘Beach Boy’ as well as ‘Never Ending’ which is my current favourite!” – BENEE

BENEE is about to take off on a world tour, kicking off in the UK & Europe before heading to North America. See the full list of dates below and at beneemusic.com

out now via: Republic Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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