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Californian duo slenderbodies have just announced they’ll be giving us a new album in June called “simple shapes” while also giving us two new album teasers with ‘i can’t make up my mind’ and ‘tiger balm (magenta)’.

The latter of the two also comes with a very cool music video that portrays a not-so-conventional courting ritual…you’ve just gotta watch it to see what I’m talking about here.

“tiger balm (magenta)’ was written about wanting to find balance in love, consistency and comfort. Magenta is a color that is in between hot and cold, so essentially a metaphor for finding a comfortable middle ground, or becoming a non-polarized version of oneself.

‘i can’t make up my mind’ is about exploring indecision. Every facet of our lives were controlled by our decisions and the thought of that can be overwhelming or overbearing at times. These extend even to choices like choosing the bed you sleep in which could help or hurt your health years down the line, or your simplest of hobbies becoming your career path, or what you are known for just because you decided to try it one day. Likewise, lack of choice can decide things for you sometimes.” – slenderbodies.

out now via: slenderbodies
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