Peking Duk are back this week and they are in fine form!

They’ve just released a new festival banger called ‘Honest’ which has US hyper-pop artist Slayyyyter on vocal duties and it was also co-written with another Australian favourite, KLP.

“This song came together as the result of an impromptu jam we had after running 10kms and almost dying in the process. We headed straight to the studio from the run covered in sweat with an hour to jam before we had a show and I had an idea to loop Reuben picking a single note on an electric guitar over and over, so Reubo added in a bunch of weird chords to pluck to then eventually we removed the chords and laid down the drums.

“We then headed to the show and realised there was some fuego inside of the idea we had created and there was only one person to call to take it to the next level – KLP. She came in the next day and completely brought the instrumental bed to life. We wrote the lyrics alongside the theme that the music created – a sweaty journey through thunder, mountaintops, marching to the drums and chanting as we follow each other.

Slayyyter was down to jump on board and add her vocals to the mix and we couldn’t be more stoked with the magic that we now get to share with the world. Play it loud and scream it proud.” – Peking Duk

out now via: Peking Duk
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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